Muay Thai World Cup 2019

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The inaugural Muay Thai World Cup show debuted with an appropriately large fanfare in Calgary, Alberta, Canada recently. The show was packed exceeding promoter  Kieran Keddle’s expectations of 1500 fans in attendance.

“Over 2,300 people came out,” Keddle said. “It broke a record for fight attendance for boxing and MMA events in Alberta and British Columbia.” 

Sponsored by Muay Thai Addict, the show made headgrounds for Muay Thai in North America with its attendance and the multiple WBC Muay Thai belts on the line.  The international organization is recognized as the most credible ranking organization in the world.


The event saw 4 WBC National belts handed out along with a thrilling winner takes all four man tournament between Canada’s Cody Jerome, Kyle Messenger, and Cody Laskar, along with the United States’ Lance Dixon. The competition saw the winner, Cody Jerome, take home the entire purse of $3,000.

“The main highlight of the night was Scott Mackenzie’s match with Philip Engeroff for the WBC Canada Super Middleweight belt,” Keddle said. “Mackenzie was winning the first and second then the whole fight went topsy turvy.”


Muay Thai Addict sponsored athlete Mackenzie was felled momentarily in the third.

“He sat me down in third with a spinning back elbow,” Mackenzie said. “I was beating him and he was looking for that rabbit out of the hat technique. He threw it a few times and I got caught once. I didn’t see it coming.”

Mackenzie made a masterful recovery and going into the fourth he was able to put things right.

“I controlled the gap and the range well, I neutralized his strengths,” he said. “Once I figured he wasn’t he wasn’t able to clinch, I went after him.”

The Elite Martial Arts fighter was able to take out Engeroff in the fourth via TKO in a bout many concluded as being fight of the night.


With the debut show done and dusted Muay Thai World Cup is looking to its next show and the upcoming year. A show is in the books for April 11th, 2020, along with subsequent events in June and November.


Muay Thai Addict is proud to sponsor groundbreakers in North America and around the world.


Muay Thai World Cup – Results

Four Man Tournament Semi Finals

Cody Laskar (Westside MT) vs Cody Jerome (PFA) - Jerome wins points

Lance Dixon (LA MT) vs Kyle Messenger (Elite Martial Arts) - Dixon wins points


WBC Canadian super middleweight (168lbs) championship

Scott Mackenzie (Elite Martial Arts) vs Philip Engeroff (Absolute MMA) - Mackenzie wins TKO round 4


WBC Canadian Super cruiserweight (203lbs)

 Hassan Oseni (the one Muay Thai) vs Luke Spicer (Arashi Do) - Oseni wins TKO round 3


WBC Canadian Cruiserweight (185lbs) championship sponsored by the Grey Eagle resort & Casino

Tim Lo (Arashi do sherwood park) vs Cole Fretzner (Westside MT) - Lo wins KO round 3


WBC Canadian super welterweight (154lbs) championship

 Chris McMillan (Lompayu) vs Michael Fitzpatrick (Lanna/Spartans) - McMillan wins points


 Finals of the Four Man Tournament - Cody Jerome wins points

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