Six Sound Bites: Triumphant 11 Color Commentator Primo Bellarosa Sounds Off

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Six Sound Bites With Triumphant 11 Color Commentator Primo Bellarosa

The talent will be in the ring AND ringside for Triumphant 11 in Miami on June 12th. Commentators Primo Bellarosa and Triumphant veteran Brandon Kyle Umipig will commentating the event at the James Night Center. 

Here are six must know things about Bellarosa and the upcoming show.

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 Primo Bellarosa

1. Bellarosa Loves Fighting

Bellarosa was a very active fighter. In his early days, the Vision Quest Muay Thai gym owner flew out to California. He wanted to pursue his dreams. With the help of the late Alex Gong, he kickstarted his career. He fought all over the states and got into the ring in Thailand.

His journey took him all over the world as he cornered fighters when he retired. Then he got behind the mic.

He didn’t plan on ending up a commentator but a show in New York needed him.

“I’ve never wanted to talk on camera. I just wanted to talk about fights,” Bellarosa said.

The camera loves Bellarosa though, especially his passion for the game.

Primo Bellarosa and Teddy Mulvagh
2. He’s commentated at the biggest stadiums in Muay Thai

There are iconic stages for fighting, especially Muay Thai. Bellarosa used his love for the game to call the action at these venues. He did a six month stint in Thailand where he was behind the mic.

“Lumpinee and Rajadamnern are the meccas of Muay Thai,” he said. “To be one of the few Americans to broadcast there is wild. I have gotten to witness the biggest fight stadiums in the world.”

Kylen Umpig and Primo Bellarosa

Triumphant 11 Commentators Kyle Umipig and Primo Bellarosa

3. There Are Two Types Of Commentators

Talking about fights is no easy task. There are names, rules, dates, times, and a million details to remember. There are two types of commentators though. There is a play by play commentator and a color commentator.

The play by play guy calls the action as it comes.

“Kevin Ross right kicks to the body!”

“Asa Ten Pow returns with a counter leg kick.”

Then there is a color commentator. They add more style, information, and depth to the show.

“Kevin’s right body kick is sinking the guard of Ten Pow. It’s making the Florida based fighter drop his hands. He’s open for a head kick.”

“Ten pow’s persistent leg kicks are chopping the legs of Kevin. He’s going to have mobility issues. In Thailand, they call it puncturing the tires.”

With his vast knowledge of Muay Thai, Bellarosa is a color commentator.

Primo Bellarosa at Friday Night Fights
4. If American Muay Thai Is Gonna Get Big It Needs To Happen In America

Muay Thai around the world is growing. This is thanks to athletes like Troy Jones, Tierra Brandt, Iman Barlow, Kevin Ross and others. Bellarosa echoed the statements of the late Alex Gong. It is also because of shows like Triumphant and Muay Thai addict. He highlighted the importance of Triumphant 11 headliner Kevin Ross.

“If Muay Thai is going to be big in the United States, it has to be an American that made it big,” Bellarosa said. “We needed Thai trainers, we needed Thai people fighting in the United States to show that to us. But if Muay Thai is going to make it into the mainstream, it needs to be an American fighter that leads the way."

Ross has had a tremendous impact on American Muay Thai. This is the biggest Muay Thai fight in America to make though. Both Kevin Ross and Asa Ten Pow are leading lights for the sport. Anytime Kevin fights in America is becomes a big event.

Primo Bellarosa USMF

5. He Was On The USMF team Just Like Asa Ten Pow

As a pioneer in Muay Thai, Bellarosa made a lot of opportunities. One of them was being part of the early USMF (United States Muay Thai Federation) team that went to Thailand. He performed at the IFMA (International Federation of Muay Thai Association) games early in American Muay Thai history.

“I was on the IFMA team in 2004,” Bellarosa said.

Ten Pow participated in the IFMA games in 2018. Ten Pow had a successful outing against Thai opponents. Experience in the tournament shaped the course of Bellarosa and Ten Pow’s career.

“I went 14-0 in my pro career,” Bellarosa said.

Ten Pow recently went 6-1 in his Glory kickboxing career.

Primo Bellarosa
6. He Has A Prediction For The Main Event: Timing! 

It’s about pacing in this fight. Whoever dictates the rhythm of the game will win. 

“Asa comes out quicker. That’s his style. If he comes out quick with some good punches he could stun Kevin early,” Bellarosa said.

Ross as a more traditional Muay Thai fighter has a progression in his fight game. He can sometimes take a little time to warm up… but once he gets going the game is on.

”Throughout five rounds, Kevin ends up clinching him up,” Bellarosa said. “Kevin has the advantage in the clinch when it comes to knees and elbows.”

That will be a deciding factor for the bout. Ross will look to take Asa Ten Pow into the deep waters of hard clinch fighting.

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Also slated to be on the card are other international standouts like Bekah Irwin, Jason Andrada, Troy Jones, Tierra Brandt, Coral Carnicella, and more.

The bout will be live streamed on Fite TV.

Make sure to stay tuned for more news coming soon!

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