Summer 2018 Sak Yant Line by Muay Thai Addict

Posted by Nathan Aripez on

The Sak Yant is a tradition in the world of Muay Thai. To pay homage to the beautiful Sak Yants that many fighters and Muay Thai practitioners love, Muay Thai Addict is releasing their 2018 summer collection.

Moving forward Muay Thai Addict will have quarterly releases tailored for each season. Well known for their shorts, which not only look good and are comfortable but are some of the best quality shorts on the market, Muay Thai Addict is looking to revolutionize training wear once again.

"All of the Sak Yants are unique in their own way but they all have a common subject matter and that is the protection of the wearer.", said Dmitriy Shirganov, co-owner of Muay Thai Addict. "These Sak Yants are at the heart of the Muay Thai culture and tradition."

In order to help spread awareness regarding the Sak Yant and its meaning, Muay Thai Addict will be educating the public with various published pieces on the tradition and heritage of the Sak Yant.

The final product you see for the 2018 summer collection is the culmination of months of work to deliver a product that does justice to a traditional Sak Yant. The manufacturing process features many different elements, that range from sublimation (a process made popular by Muay Thai Addict prior to its competitors), direct embroidery, 3D embroidery, printing, customized ribbons and many more. This line is a step in the evolution of the brand, primarily known for their amazing short designs, you will now see the growth of their "Streetwear".

Shorts, caps, and jerseys are all part of the line and although they are similar they are created as different pieces that can be worn separately or together. They keep the recurring theme in place. In the near future, Muay Thai Addict is set to introduce an extensive cap collection that will rival some of the industries giants.

Shirganov stated, "Muay Thai doesn't end when you leave the gym, it's a way of life and how you conduct yourself day to day."

The summer 2018 line by Muay Thai Addict lets you represent Muay Thai anywhere you go, while still looking great. The gear already debuted at the USMTO tournament this past weekend in Arizona and is now available for purchase on

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